Material design UI/UX frameworks basically revolve around the whole idea that design can effectively be combined with technology and science.

Material Design Web frameworks ensure that the intricacies of design and art can be brought together for a unique result when they are combined with technology or the employment of scientific methods. Thus Material design is steadily gaining more momentum and so are the tools related to it. Below are some of the very best material design web frameworks for you to use

Best Free HTML5 frameworks

HTML5 frameworks can very easily and quickly be used to build responsive websites. These open source HTML5 frameworks have some of the best features which would include; being able to reduce the burden that would come with either repetitive codes as well as reducing your programming tasks.

A lot of HTLM5 frameworks are available which are also absolutely free. HTML5 frameworks are also very often compatible with cross browser. Free HTML5 frameworks are also very often lightweight which means that if you load them your websites’ speed will not be on the decline. HTML5 frameworks which are free are also widely available besides being highly popular because they ensure that you do not have to go through the hassles that usually go with creating websites.


Best CSS frameworks for CSS developers are featured in this article. Premium CSS framework and open source CSS framework both are available here..

As someone who has spent the last couple of years working as a front developer you may believe that you must code hundreds of lines of CSS which stands for Cascading style Sheet, simply so that you will have access to a website skeleton that is both plain and yet effective. Like us, in that case you must probably have spend hundreds and hundreds of hours simply trying to fix the proximity issues that are in front of you as well as trying to make a layout that is separate and effective for both devices as well as your viewing screens. Eventually you were probably prone to headaches as you had tried to fix your cross browser over a hundred thousand times and found that each one of those times you had had compatibility issues.


Need of Ruby frameworks in software development has increased its application and uses. Here we have featured some of the best Ruby frameworks used by application developers around the world.

Ruby is one of the world’s best programming languages in the world; it has been around for at least twenty years and it has managed to stay on top of everything for a long, long time. Ruby has one of the best; nicest as well as most enthusiastic communities that a programming language could ever have. Ruby is also one of the most recommended web programming languages that you should definitely be learning this year.


Web design podcasts are very basic and easy way to learn about latest happenings of the web design industry. 13 Must listen web design podcasts of 2015 are featured below.

Many of you may be wondering what exactly a podcast IS. A podcast is incidentally the term for digital files which may comprise of an episodic series of videos, radio PDFs and ePub files on both educational and entertaining matters. These days, more and more people are becoming a freelancer which serves as a source of earning if you are someone who prefers to earn small-time, someone who cannot frequently tear themselves away from their work or school etc. Whatever your miscellaneous reasons, freelancing, especially on the Internet, is an amazing way to earn money on your own.


Remote desktop tools are life saver, literally. There are infinite applications of remote desktop tools. For every tech freak out there, I have compiled a list of Top 10 remote desktop tools.

There are many problems that we may face related to our computers and desktop tools these days. However now the technological problem solving has been made a whole lot easier with the fact that technology is now more mobile than ever. Thus, we can do absolutely anything with the computers that we would like.

The first ever remote desktop tool that we have had ever had access to was TELENET; TELENET would end up turning the tables on how technology would later be revolutionised.

Now of course we have a lot more to work with, in terms of remote desktop tools. They can provide us with a proper graphical interface as well as let us work with it the same way that we would on our very own PC. This way, if for instance say you worked with a call center, you would be able to aid newbies with their basic problems or troubles; you would also very easily be able to tackle business troubles this way. The working of such remote desktop tools can be improved by latency which proves to be a major factor in such cases.


The below mentioned Apple Watch Apps will secretly increase your productivity and improve your efficiency by 30%. Apple Watch apps like Uber, Evernote are just the starting.

Purchasing an Apple Watch will be one of the ultimate gadgets in your collection; there are a wide number of apps that are usually offered in the App Store at any rate, however considering that there are 3500 plus line-ups how do you know which app is worth your time and money downloading and which isn’t?


Wireframing tools are used for designing amazing websites or mobile apps. Here we have chosen the best of all.

Wireframing tools are generally meant to smoothen out the process of creating a mobile application or website on the Internet by not assaulting your eyes with a technical and long procedure; instead the original product is stripped down and the customer can see what they want to see; chiefly the user interactivity as well as the functions. This can be particularly important if you have clients for whom you design applications or websites as they are mostly interested in seeing how the application works and whether it works well or not.